Frequently Asked Questions with LASER Therapy:

How many K-Laser treatment sessions are necessary?

The number of sessions will depend on the exact diagnosis, age and overall health status of the patient, and other factors. In general, acute conditions can be treated more frequently and require fewer visits, typically 4-6. Chronic conditions may require more visits, and do not need K-Laser treatment as frequently. The effects of K-Laser treatments are cumulative.

Patients may experience significant pain relief very quickly โ€“ it is important to follow through with care in order to benefit from the biostimulative properties of therapeutic laser light.

Are there any safety risks associated with Class IV laser therapy?

K-Laser treatments are extremely safe when applied by a K-Laser certified, properly trained professional. K-Laser treatments should never be given directly over the eye or the thyroid gland โ€“ along with other absolute and relative contraindications as spelled out in the K-Laser Safety Manual.

K-Laser treatment is safe to deliver directly over metal implants, over broken skin, and on acute injuries. Also, pregnant veterinary technicians and chiropractic assistants can safely give K-Laser treatments.

Canโ€™t the same therapeutic effects be achieved with a noncoherent light source?

The primary mechanism of laser therapy is photobiomodulation. The stimulation of cells and tissue repair is based on scientific research that has demonstrated positive physiological effects of infrared wavelengths on cellular organelles and electron chain molecules.

Coherence of laser has a greater penetration ability and higher therapeutic value than noncoherent light, although wavelengths specific to photobiomodulation will provide a therapeutic application regardless of the source. The K-Series laser provides high-powered laser in specific wavelengths that dramatically decrease treatment times and improve deep tissue penetration. Faster treatment time is a great benefit to the busy practitioner.

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